Are beans considered a starch or a protein? Beans - starch and/or a protein? 
Q.) Are beans considered a starch or a protein?  Beans - starch and/or a protein?

A.) There are two types of protein; high biological sources and low biological sources.  All animal protein (lean sources: chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, seafood and egg whites, in addition to higher fat sources: red meats, pork, lamb, and veal) are high biological sources of protein because not only do they provide a higher amount of protein but they also contain all 20 amino acids in significant amounts.  A 6 oz portion of any animal protein provides 40 grams of protein.  Low biological sources of protein provide a much smaller amount of protein and have some amino acids but not in significant amounts.  In order for you to get 40 grams of protein from beans, you would essentially have to eat it by the pound!   So while beans and lentils provide some protein, for athletes, we consider it a starch not a protein.  Vegetarians can combine certain foods together to get their protein requirements.  For more details, read the article on vegetarianism.


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